This project will provide a configurable link between Heat ITSM and Team Foundation Server. This will allow calls to be logged by helpdesk in the standard way, while using TFS to manage the development and support work required to fix the problem.

TFS to Heat ITSM

The plan is to provide an interface between these two systems.



Version v1.0 will allow users to manualy enter work items from a list of Heat tickets. This could be done completatly manualy by opening the heat application and TFS and manualy editing and creating items. This application should help speed up this process.


Heat ITSM is a product from FrontRange that a helpdesk would use to manage their calls and the status of those calls while being able to provide and monitor service level aggrements with their customers.

Team Foundation Server

Visual Studio Team System 2008 is a product from Microsoft to allow lifecycle management of their software development process to deliver more reobust solutions to speck.


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